Laboratories & Tests

The basis of our understanding of quality is the deep responsibility we feel towards our customers and the self-respect of the Pürplast family. Responsibility and respect require that all of our products and services are controlled at every stage of their production. Our product and service quality is guaranteed by the care shown in our control points as well as the care in our production processes.

Base of our quality concept is the deep responsibility to our customers and Pürplast family's self respect. At every steps of product and service, controlling is necessary due to our responsibility and respect. Care for product and service quality during our production processes is also taken under guarantee by being careful at controlling sections.

The scope of the measurements and tests covered by Purplast ; 

*Hardness measurement with applying force on flexible polyurethane materials 

*Hardness measurement on entegral polyurethane materials 

*Density measurement 

*Surface weight measurement

*Horizontal burning velocity measurement  

*Permanent deformation determination

*Temperature behaviour tests

*Pulling tests and compression tests

*Digitalizing 3D CMM

*CMM by touching by prob

*Gluing strength measurements


 Nothing is good enough as can't be done better. For that reason, we are always working with continuous improvement.