Human Resources Policy

Our Human Resources policies; customer-oriented approach with our right people to put right to work, select high potential in our company, to ensure the development of various business segments and rotation practices, evaluate their performance with the performance management system, and appointments with career planning and can be defined as maintaining our long-term cooperation with our employees.

Always and information sharing quality time with approaching the issue without sacrificing our ethical point of view our confidence that the vision and mission open to new ideas, creative, reliable, will be next to you, applying contemporary human resources policies.

Mission of Human Resources:

Automotive and is a pioneer company in the polyurethane industry Pürplast, employees to complete their personal and professional development creates every opportunity. The mission of Human Resources, Pürplast in the automotive industry in the area is to ensure that the most preferred company for highly qualified employees.

Vision of Human Resources:

Creating a work environment for our employees that excitement and pride in the continuous success of our company to ensure the continuity of employee satisfaction is the most important factor; customer-oriented, the importance of responsible and ethical values to society, always highly qualified employees of our company that aims to acquire knowledge, develop their skills and competencies, uncovering their potential by providing continuous to show superior performance is to be the company most preferred in the manufacturing sector and maintain this position.

Selection and Placement Process Seçme ve Yerleştirme Süreci

Purplast working behind the success of the most important sources. In this respect, the right people for positions within our company opened our biggest goal to place the work. Corresponding criteria, such as our expectations for each position will vary depending on the candidate meets the basic qualifications for the position are in line Purplast Values and Code of Conduct.

    • Result oriented
    • Innovator/Creativity
    • Building Positive Working Relationships
    • Decision Making and Problem Solving
    • Leadership
    • Assertiveness /Stability
    • Strong Communication Skills